About The Fire Within

In the 1970s, Carlos Castaneda studied with the Yaqui Indian shaman, Don Juan Matus, and watched in awe as Don Juan accessed other dimensions and realities. At those times, Don Juan’s eyes shone brightly with an energy Carlos referred to as "the fire from within". That Fire is our luminous energy body, fully present in the universal field, at one with Spirit, and of unlimited strength. "The Fire Within" is the sacred path to the radiant field; the path that informs us and assists us in burning more brightly.

In my own life, I seek to walk this path of heart and of higher meaning. Don Juan, other masters, and Alberto Villoldo (The Four Winds) have been my guides. They teach that the journey inward to Source is the most important journey of all. So, I walk holding the intention of building my inner fire and connection to Spirit. Your Fire Within awaits you as well. We are fellow travelers on this path.

“All that is required…impeccability, energy…the road is clear…the warrior realizes his full potential.”

            Carlos Castaneda, The Fire From Within, Simon and Shuster 1984

Cenote, Mexico
Gran Cenote, Coba, Mexico